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Alumnus Mathematics Paper Published (3/18/2017)

Joyce Yang, a graduate of Harvey Mudd College, published a paper in the Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society Series B on February 24, 2017. Ms. Yang was supervised by Prof. Nicholas Pippenger. The paper, On the Enumeration of Interval Graphs, is on research in combinatorics, a branch of discrete mathematics.

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Yang Academy is a private day school with unique opportunities for students in mathematics and science. It offers a comprehensive academic program and promotes creativity, efficiency, originality, and positive contributions to society.

The school holds a certificate of approval from the State of Maryland for grades K-12 and offers classes in mathematics, science, English, social studies, foreign languages, music, and art.

Student Projects

Two-Dimensional Lennard-Jones Clusters

Structure and Binding of Two-Dimensional Lennard-Jones Clusters

The Riemann Hypothesis: Probability, Physics, and Primes

On the Enumeration of Interval Graphs

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